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Hiring Wedding Planner & Floral Designer: The Best of Both Worlds



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Are you a bride-to-be who’s losing her marbles trying to find a venue, dress, wedding planner, and a floral designer? Planning a wedding can be very stressful. As a first-time bride, you probably have not done this before, and so you are navigating unchartered waters. Weddings tend to be stressful to plan because they involve so many components. Add to that the endless variety of vendors that are available, and this event can very quickly turn from memorable to overwhelming.       

The list of wedding to-dos is seemingly endless, many future brides have considered handing off all of their planning to a professional. But what professional should a bride hire? In comes the wedding planner.  A wedding planner is an individual who can help ease the stress and confusion of all of the wedding planning logistics.    

What Does a Wedding Planner Do? 

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A wedding planner is responsible for coordinating and managing the full logistical process of the wedding. They take careful preparation to orchestrate all of your vendors and guests, maintain the timeline, and coordinate with the bride and groom on everything including attire, music, food, and venues. These professionals are best booked early on to get the most value. If you are simply looking for someone to coordinate the wedding day, some wedding planners do offer A Day of Coordinator service, however, they offer much more comprehensive insight if they are hired for the full planning process. 

What Does a Wedding Floral Designer Do? 

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A professional wedding floral designer, also known as a wedding designer, is a creative professional that has a keen eye for design and aesthetics. They can use a wide variety of flowers and tools to build bouquets, boutonnieres, arch florals, centerpieces, and other various designs and visual items for your wedding. They also often provide a variety of extras such as candles, vases, ribbons, and other foliage. With all of this equipment, they can create customized designs to fit your wedding aesthetic, theme, colors, and desires. When you hire a floral designer for your wedding, they provide the flowers and supplies, as well as setup and removal service.   

Is There a Difference Between a Wedding Floral Designer & The Florist Up the Street? 

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Not all florists are created equal. Many florists that you see as you drive through your community are retail florists. When you walk into a retail florist shop, you can likely get a bouquet of roses to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. You can also get small floral arrangements, garlands, and corsages for special events, funerals, corporate parties, graduations, etc. However, most of these retail florists work on smaller projects and are not always equipped or accustomed to servicing large events such as weddings.

These professionals tend to focus on the setting up of the bouquets and other arrangements rather than a whole venue. Wedding floral designers, or wedding designers, are highly experienced in making creative arrangements and other designs, as well as having an artistic and stylish eye for setup, placement, and design. These professionals create floral arrangements to match your wedding colors and aesthetics, as well as to set them up in a beautiful, artistic, and functional way at your ceremony and/ or reception venue. 

Benefits of Hiring an All-in-One Wedding Planner and Floral Designer 

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You are already having to coordinate and update the venue, the caterer, the music /entertainment, and any other service coordinators you’ve decided to hire. Why not shorten your list of contacts where you can? Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner for the entirety of your wedding, for a month prior, or only for the day of, you can get your wedding designs and wedding coordinating needs by hiring a wedding planner and designer. This professional will be your one-stop-shop for all of your planning and design questions. What’s more, many wedding planners will handle conversations with vendors for you. Rather than dealing with so many different individuals, you get to communicate with only one, and trust that everyone else will be informed and updated. 

Even better, wedding coordination, event rentals, and wedding floral designer.  

What is even better for your peace of mind and ease of planning a wedding, is to work with a company that provides coordination services as well as florals and rentals. With this kind of vendor, you are ensuring that your vision is captured from florals to rentals such as chairs and drapes, to linen colors and table settings. Consolidating services with one vendor eliminates miscommunication of details not to mention all the extra delivery/pick up and handling fees that you have to pay separately for separate vendors.  

What Rentals are Involved in a Wedding? 

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You’ve picked a venue and now you are looking for someone to bring your vision together of your best day ever. Many couples are not completely clear on what the venue offers in terms of rentals. Some venues may include an arch or an arbor, others may include tables, chairs, linens etc. It is important to review the contract with the venue and be clear on what they do include in their package before sourcing a floral designer and event rental company. You should be reviewing the details of what they offer, including colors of linens, plate chargers, colors of chairs and size of tables.  

The size of the tables will determine how many plate chargers (if you are using these) you will be able to use per table, and thus dictates how many guests can sit at a table. The smaller the table, the less guests can sit at a table, resulting in more tables needed, which ends up costing more for the couple, since they will need more centerpieces. 

In addition to the tables, chairs are a very important component to review with the venue. Several venues use banquet chairs which often interrupt all the décor that is provided due to their color or stiff look. Some couples opt to rent chair covers to cover these or replace the venue chairs with higher end chairs, such as chiavari chairs. In addition to the additional chair rental cost, some venues charge for removal and set up of their chairs. Chairs can be a costly addition, so ensure that you understand well what chairs are included in your package.  

Linens are often overlooked by couples until they are meeting with a wedding designer and realize that linens have a great impact on décor. Several venues have limited colors and textures of tablecloths and napkins. If you are looking to do a colored or textured linen, check with the venue if they have what you are looking for or if you are able to rent these from an event rental company. 

Plate chargers add elegance to a place setting and are often used on guest tables. Some venues include them in their package. If your venue does not include them, you may rent them from an event rental company. However, check with your venue that they do not charge a fee for setting up and cleaning plate chargers from outside vendors.  

Table numbers are one of the last things that couples think about for their guest tables. This seemingly small detail, makes such a statement in the final look of your décor, that they should be taken into account while designing your vision. Most venues do not offer table numbers. Table numbers found on Etsy and Pinterest are very pricey. It is recommended that you work with a high-end event rental company to find a good price on rentals of table numbers. 

Drapes in a wedding set a romantic tone. The most romantic and soft drapes to use for wedding décor are sheer ivory drapes. Crushed drapes are recommended as clear sheer ones show wrinkles easily. Some ideas for draping are ceiling draping, perimeter draping, or draping as a backdrop for the sweetheart table. Draping should be hired by a professional company who has the experience to setup and tear down in the allotted time given by the venue. Draping can be costly, especially if the venue ceiling height exceeds 8 feet.  

The head table and sweet heart table are the focal points of a wedding. Head tables are becoming more and more common as couples opt to sit with their bridal party instead of sitting alone on a sweetheart table. The sweetheart table has been commonly where the bride and groom sit at the front of the room, usually in front of the dance floor. This is a small half round or small rectangular table that may have a lush floral design. Some couples opt to add a backdrop behind them to further accentuate their table as the focal point. Some popular options for backdrops are flower or boxwood walls, or pipe and drape. Further customization can be made with the couple’s last name hung on these backdrops, in wood decals or neon signs. 

The head table can be a very stunning focal point if decorated professionally. Sometimes couples opt to decorate head tables with flower runners draping down the table along with candles and décor. Some opt to do tall centerpieces such as crystal candelabras or large ball florals. Either way, a head table is a perfect way to set the décor to a higher level. Even if your guest tables have simple lower-cost décor, your wedding décor will look amazing by simply focusing on making the head table a stunning focal point.  

How Nadine De Leon Helps Bring Your Dream Wedding and Floral Plans to Life. 

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If you are looking for a wedding professional that can do more, you will want to look for a professional wedding planner, event rental and wedding floral designer combination, like Nadine De Leon. Nadine has the creative artistry and the wedding planning team to provide clients with a comprehensive design, management, and organized plan so brides and grooms can focus on enjoying the first day of the rest of their lives together as man and wife. Nadine is passionate about transforming the client’s thoughts into a curated, cohesive display that is truly stunning and “Wows” everyone in attendance. Your wedding will have a creative, and stylish floral design that’s unique to you and your vision. Since we’re also your wedding planner, we can make the executive decisions to choose the flowers, vases, and other accents that best fit your wedding color palette, wedding venue, wedding style, and more. 

At our office of Nadine De Leon Designs in Columbia, MD, we provide design and planning services for weddings, events, and holiday displays. We also offer a large inventory of furniture and table rentals, as well as “Do It Yourself” resources for couples who have a more modest budget but still want a gorgeous and memorable wedding day. Our process starts with a brief phone chat followed by a comprehensive consultation in our beautiful showroom. If you’d like to learn more about the variety of services and products that we offer or to schedule an appointment, please visit our website at You can also call our office at (240)360-1602. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful event. 



I'm Nadine – a wedding floral designer, event designer, holiday décor enthusiast, and fashionista based in Columbia, Maryland. Welcome to my blog, where I'll share recent weddings and events, as well as educational resources for my fellow wedding floral designers and freelancers!