Your event is unique and special to you. You're spending precious time and funds to bring your dream to life. Don't settle for any event designer that's going to give you basic designs, incorporate your chosen colors, and call it "customized." You deserve someone who will appreciate the importance of this event to you, and give it the attention, respect, and distinctive design it deserves. 

Award-winning event designer Nadine De Leon is truly passionate about creating breathtaking weddings and events with a "WOW" factor. Whether you have a strong, clear vision for your event's design, or you only have a few core elements in mind, Nadine De Leon brings truly unique and creative artistry to event design. 

If you have an upcoming special event, contact Nadine De Leon for expert design services. Fill out the form below or send an email to You can also call our office at (240) 360-1602. We look forward to making your dreams a reality.