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Order Your DIY Christmas Decor



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This is not the year you want to go out to malls and shopping centers for your holiday shopping. Online shopping has allowed many to stay home and do their shopping online instead. You can get beautiful Christmas decor and trimmings delivered directly to you.  Even though we are living exceptional times, that doesn’t mean the Christmas spirit has to be skipped this year, it just gets to be sealed and delivered.

DIY Christmas Decor from Nadine De Leon

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Staying indoors for the majority of this year has made a lot of us go a little stir crazy, but it has also encouraged families to find creative ways to stay safe and healthy while still having fun and spending quality time together. The holiday season is especially notable for giving thanks for the loved ones in your life and enjoying their company. However, with the Coronavirus still largely affecting our “normal” way of life, families may not be able to do a lot of their usual holiday activities such as caroling, attending local holiday productions, going to their place of worship, or even sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall. Families still want to get into the holiday spirit but are running out of methods to do so. Event designer, Nadine De Leon, has created a simple, fun, and decorative activity to boost the holiday spirit for everyone. 

Most American families have a special holiday tradition of decorating the house and trimming the Christmas tree as a family holiday activity. Nadine De Leon has developed Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Christmas decor that you can create with the whole family and enjoy for generations.

These DIY Christmas crafts are creative, stylish, and perfect for any holiday home. The DIY holiday kit comes in 3 design options: a wreath, a garland, or a tree. You can get the whole collection of design pieces and create stunning displays with your whole family. Each kit includes high-end decor items that you can’t find just anywhere. There are even themes available specifically for the kids with boys and girls trees and wreaths. These kits make great holiday gifts assembled or unassembled, especially for the holiday lover and decor collector in your family. You can even make an event of DIY holiday decor-making and invite your friends and family to create a gorgeous design they can take home and install. 

Making happy memories with your family and friends, while staying safe and healthy is notably important in 2020. With these DIY, high-quality Christmas decor kits, you can enjoy all of the spirit and joy of the holidays, while you are inside.

How Is Coronavirus Expected to Impact the Holidays?

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The novel Coronavirus has impacted the world, and many medical professionals continue to encourage people to stay home as much as possible. This message is expected to be expressed more fervently as the holiday season ( and flu season) approaches. With large shopping days such as Black Friday and other holiday sales just around the corner, the crowds will likely be making their way to the malls and department stores. However, this year’s holiday shopping season is likely to be even more of a hassle than ever before. 

1. Expect Long(er) Lines This Holiday Season

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With social distancing regulations and store capacities at a minimum, stores are likely going to be holding people outside of their brick-and-mortar stores. With these regulations in effect, it is likely that lines will be longer, and people will be standing in lines for longer periods when trying to complete their holiday shopping. This is especially expected to be the result of the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday. While some news reports have claimed that people are planning to do their holiday shopping from home, there are still a majority of people who plan to keep their tradition of shopping in-person.

2. Supply Shortages at Your Favorite Stores

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Another huge issue that is concerning some of your favorite stores is a supply shortage. Workspace regulations have become very strict to ensure the health and safety of employees from offices to warehouses. This has led to a reduction in production, and therefore, supply. This may lead to a lot of people missing out on a wishlist item or backorders, which means having to wait until after Christmas to get it.  

3. More People Buying Online Could Mean Shipping Delays

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Online-shopping is usually already very heavy during the holiday season. It is expected that this demand will be exponentially larger due to the Coronavirus pandemic and people doing more holiday shopping from home. As many as 75% of U.S. shoppers have said they plan to do more online shopping this year. As many may have already experienced, there has already been a small, but significant delay in the postal service industry as they try to cope with a large number of home deliveries as well as new processes. With more people planning to do their holiday and gift shopping online, these delays are expected to increase as well. While shipping services are hiring more people to help meet the increasing demand, it cannot be known now if this will be enough to get people their holiday orders in time. 

On top of these shopping hassles, the Coronavirus pandemic is still a posing threat to Americans. We already expect the flu during the winter months, however, it’s uncertain how this may affect the spread of Coronavirus through the holiday season. 

Why You Should Start Christmas Shopping Early

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With the long lines, reduced supplies, and delayed deliveries expected this holiday as a result of the Coronavirus, it may be in your best interest to do your holiday shopping sooner rather than later. Even if you’re planning to do your holiday shopping in person through the month of December, it’s not guaranteed that stores will remain open. While we can predict the effects on the market and the shopping experience, we cannot predict how flu season will affect the spread of Coronavirus. The first wave of the pandemic caused major shutdowns of nonessential stores and even some curfews for nonessential workers. If a second wave of the pandemic occurs, there’s a large probability of these taking effect once again. This will create an even larger online demand, and therefore longer shipping delays. 

If you are planning to do your holiday shopping exclusively online, you may want to find your holiday decorations and gifts from independent stores and makers. Bigger brands and large online retailers, such as Amazon, are usually having to take care of a larger customer base, and therefore have more delays with deliveries. Individual retailers have proven to have more standard delivery times throughout the pandemic because of their ready inventory and smaller customer bases. 

While many of the splendors of the holiday season may not be available this year, it’s important to remember that health and safety are the top priorities. Getting a good deal on electronics, or getting that last gift on your Christmas gift list is not as important as ensuring you and your family are able to celebrate the holidays without the worry of illness. Starting your holiday shopping now may not get you those special holiday deals, but it will ensure you get the gifts for everyone on your list, ensure that your deliverables are received on time (or early), and reduce your risk of contracting any illnesses from large crowds. 

Order Your Christmas Decor with Nadine De Leon

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Whether you want to order a DIY holiday decor kit for you and your family to enjoy creating, or you want the holiday decorating done for you, Nadine De Leon offers a variety of stunning holiday designs and decorations sure to fill your home with the Christmas spirit. Nadine De Leon began her business with holiday décor design services. Her keen eye for high-end and high-quality decorations and designs has provided both commercial and residential spaces with holiday cheer and magic. Nadine De Leon has an artistic ability to create a warm, welcoming, and unique holiday display for your home or business. Her displays and designs consistently captivate our clients and their guests. Design services include indoor and outdoor residential holiday décor using garlands, trees, and lights, as well as indoor and outdoor commercial holiday décor services for your building or shopping center.

Nadine has applied her creative eye and artistic expertise in creating her DIY holiday kits to allow others to experience the fun and achievement of putting together a stunning holiday display that they can show-off to friends and family members for years to come. You can order your DIY holiday decor kit or any other of Nadine De Leon’s design services by visiting or calling us at (240)360-1602.



I'm Nadine – a wedding floral designer, event designer, holiday décor enthusiast, and fashionista based in Columbia, Maryland. Welcome to my blog, where I'll share recent weddings and events, as well as educational resources for my fellow wedding floral designers and freelancers!