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7 Tips for Professional Christmas Tree Decorating



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Christmas is a special time of the year. It is the season to celebrate and be merry with your friends and family. There is a huge amount of giving and joy for this holiday. And that is why so many of us wait and prepare for this special occasion. Many symbols are used to celebrate Christmas. The holiday staples are red and green everything, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Snowmen, Christmas Elves and so many more but one traditional symbol that is present in every household is the Christmas tree. It is a special tree that is close to everyone’s heart. From hunting for that perfect tree to Christmas tree decorating it, it is a tradition on its own. 

Every Christmas tree is special and unique to the person who decorated it and it’s a great way to bring your friends and family closer as well. No Christmas would be complete without the tree. People would immediately think that without a tree, your house is deprived of the essentials for Christmas decorations. That’s why decorating it is a special moment not only for yourself but for the people around you, who get to see your beautiful tree as it reflects your taste and your unique personality.

But despite the individualist nature of decorating a tree, there are still some ways we can help you make your tree look like it is a professional Christmas tree design. Here are our 7 tips for Christmas tree decorating.

1.Find the Right Christmas Tree

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Take the time to find that perfect tree. If you want a real Christmas tree there are many varieties available in the market. The trees available can vary in size, color, and type. Take your time in looking for that right tree that will fit your home. 

If you want an artificial tree many are crafted from premium grade materials. These premium materials provide you with reliable and sturdy support for your decorations. These high-quality types of trees are usually more durable and can be used repeatedly every year. The maintenance for artificial trees is lower and they can maintain their beautiful look throughout the years. 

Despite the durability of artificial trees, you should consider advanced features- like easy to set up and store, to prevent wear and tear after years of usage. Again, the tree itself is as vital as the decoration you’re going to place on it, so take your time to find that perfect tree that’s right just for you and for your home.

2. Christmas Tree Themes 

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Christmas tree decorating can be made easy when you work with a theme. It is a lot easier to plan and order Christmas decorations when you have a theme in mind. 

If you hire a professional to design your Christmas tree, it will normally have a central look that binds all of the decorations together. When thinking of a theme, you should look at options for the color scheme, the floral design, ribbon designs, and ornaments based on the look that you’re thinking of. Set the tone of the materials you want to work with based on that theme to give you a clear path on how to decorate your tree. If you don’t have a theme in mind, but you still want a gorgeous tree, you can order Christmas tree decoration kits. These kits are pre-stylized with gorgeous decoration pieces, that all blend seamlessly for a tree that’s stunning and full of Christmas spirit.

3. Fluff the Branches

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Fluffing the branches of your Christmas tree will make it look more natural and fuller. This can be a tedious task but believe us when we tell you it is totally worth it. Go through each branch and separate it so that they fan out and cover more area. Bend some of those branches now and then to fill in some of the empty gaps within your tree. This will make it more natural, after all, a perfectly shaped tree, with perfectly shaped branches is unappealing. So, fluff and bend away. It’s time-consuming but well worth all the trouble. 

4. Lights, Lights, Lights

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When you have your tree looking the way you want, be sure the branches are fanned out and bent perfectly. After this, you can start decorating. Before you throw in that box of ornaments that you just recently bought, start with the lights.

Always start with the lights but for your own safety make sure it is turned off. I understand that there is just something so satisfying about a lit-up Christmas tree but hold the phone. Be safe and just turn it off. It is a lot easier to decorate the tree with the lights turned off. This is so you can see the gaps between the branches much more clearly. 

When you are using a string of lights to decorate your Christmas tree, start at the plug area of the lights. You can wrap it around the trunk of the tree and work your way out while weaving the string of lights through each branch until you have filled up the whole tree. When you’re done turn on the lights and make sure each bulb is lit up.

5.Sort Your Tree in 3’s

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It is very important that before you start decorating your tree, that you have your ornaments sorted. Start with taking inventory of all your decorative items and decide which ones you will use according to your theme. You can start to sort your ornaments according to types, for example; flowers will go with flowers, Christmas balls will go with other hanging ornaments, and so on.

You can also sort your florals into three’s by stringing them together using floral wire. You can do this for other ornaments of different sizes and shapes as well. By grouping your ornaments into three’s, it will help give your tree design some dimension and texture. Plus, it can help fill in large gaps of space within your tree. This step can seem a bit of an overkill, but it does make for a big statement. 

6. A Full Christmas Bow

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Before you start using your special ornaments use a lot of ribbons and make luscious and full bows. You can take 4 different types of wired ribbons and layer them on top of each other and create bunny ears, and then tie them together with your wired ribbon or floral wire. You can use these ribbons to fill in the gaps within your tree, plus it makes the tree look fuller with a handful of ribbons. 

7.Depth and Layer for a Jolly Holiday Design

Your lights and your ribbons are in. Now, you can unbox and use the special order of Christmas decorations that you have been dying to hang on your tree. To make your tree look even more like a professional Christmas tree design you have to rewire your brain to think in layers and depth.

To think in layers, you can start decorating with the lights, then the ribbons, the florals, and then step back a bit, and look at the focal points of your tree. And hang those special ornaments in that special space. 

When you are hanging ornaments on your tree make sure to hang large ornaments inside the tree while the smaller items are hung on the edges of the branch. The reason you hang them this way is because it will create depth within your design, and it won’t look flat. Vary the size and the type of ornaments that you are hanging. Mix it up with different textures like matte finishes and shiny ornaments. This will make it look bigger and fuller than it is, and this will help fill up your room with just the Christmas tree decoration as your main focal point. 

How to Get the Designer Look When Christmas Tree Decorating.

There are more traditional decorations that are included in the Christmas roster of decorations. You can have wreaths, garlands, Christmas stockings, and even a lit-up dancing Santa- which can be classified as a traditional Christmas decoration. But no other decoration is as important and as iconic as a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is the very foundation of your Christmas decoration. It is the basis of every Christmas theme. Without it, the entire theme is thrown off balance, and it is never really complete without it. If you want to show off your holiday flare and impress your friends and family, you can get spectacular and stylish Christmas tree decorations from Nadine De Leon Designs. A professional holiday decor service and event designer in Maryland, Nadine’s creativity and keen eye continue to inspire WOW and awe from her residential and commercial clients. She has revamped the meaning of holiday cheer with her craft. Now, you can have Nadine’s expert style and design delivered to your home. View our holiday decor gallery by visiting or call us to learn more about ordering your Christmas tree decorations from Nadine De Leon at (240)360-1602.



I'm Nadine – a wedding floral designer, event designer, holiday décor enthusiast, and fashionista based in Columbia, Maryland. Welcome to my blog, where I'll share recent weddings and events, as well as educational resources for my fellow wedding floral designers and freelancers!